Interactive Presentation

Short video films

Multimedia Services

Interactive Media
We present information about your company, products and services in a captivating and convincing form using diverse media such as video, animations, flash animation, voiceover and music. All these combine to make an effective presentation.
CD Presentations
Our CD Presentations combine rich, higher quality visuals, textual information, video-based material, video footage, music, narration, web and email links. If needed, other useful resources such as customer forms or product literature can also be included. All this makes for a far superior introduction of your company.
Interactive CD
Our interactive CDs for businesses, corporates, educational tutors and trainers can encompass all facets of your organisation: company information, prospectus, business goals, profiles, product details, catalogues etc.
From introductions to multimedia presentations, we can offer all types of Animation, including customised solutions for your websites, business and corporate presentations. Our expertise makes your website look lively, enabling you to reach your customers
CBT (Computer Based Training)
We design and develop e-Learning programmes that can be hosted and delivered over the Internet, Intranet, via your corporate network or on CD/DVD. We can research and create cost-effective new courses for you or translate your existing course material into engaging and effective eLearning courseware.
We create cost-effective e-Brochures tailored to your exact requirements. With our e-Brochures,

you can:
  • Cut down your marketing expenses
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Eliminate delivery and postage fees
  • Prevent paper use, making additional savings.
Short video films
Right from writing the script, planning and shooting the film to editing it with the right software, we can create customised short video films that promote your company, products or services.